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Internet like you never imagined

NBN is a massive upgrade from the existing copper network lines, with 6 million homes and businesses already on NBN, and more than 10 million users, chatting, shopping, gaming, browsing or getting their office work done all at once…. yeah that's how it works. At upto 81.8 Mbps typical evening speeds at just about no lag…. its goodbye buffering!!

NBN connects to your premises using a combination of technologies(multi-technology-mix), so If you’re ready to get connected the superfast fibre optic route, we’re all-set to spend every minute getting you there, no jargons, no cheeky puns, no pep-talk. In case you’re still waiting for the NBN to arrive, no worries, we’ll connect you the good old copper way.

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Get super-fast NBNTM powered internet for an amazing online experience

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Unlimited calls, low rental, very easy terms and some really great service

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Bundle your data and voice, get services on Australia’s leading network

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